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30 May / Sun 14:00–15:45
Promenade performance

“You are here”, you've heard a soft voice from the headphones speaking to you. For the next two hours, it’s going to become your guide, a friend, your mentor, and agitator. Starting your journey at the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre, you will take an unusual walk through the city, stopping at various locations indicated to you by the audio guide or by your own heart. The choice is yours.

“Location/ You are here” is a promenade performance where there are no actors and the audience are the main participants of the action. Each of you will have your own set of headphones, through which you are being guided along the route. And which way the group is going to go depends solely on the participants’ reaction to the challenges and the decisions they make together. “Location” is a provoked, but a voluntary exploration of people and places around you and, inevitably, of oneself.

The score of the performance is made up of the guide’s voice and urban noises with fragments of street conversations and music written specifically for this project. It all creates a multidimensional acoustic environment, both familiar enough so that the participants feel comfortable in it, and surprising to keep them involved throughout the performance.

Moving from one location to the other, the participants find visual symbols and public art objects, that acquire new meanings in the context of the performance. There are three possible scenarios prepared and it is up to the group to define which one would be played on a particular day.

Starting point: the square in front of the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre
Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
50-60 people can take part in the performance at the same time.
Age category: 12+
Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
Idea, composition, sound: Andrey Platonov
Playwriting, script: Mikhail Sabelev
Production director: Mark Bukin
Scene construction: Dmitrii Mulkov
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21 May / Fri 19:00–20:45
22 May / Sat 19:00–20:45
29 May / Sat 14:00–15:45
Starting point — the square in front of the Perm Opera